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Under 18 Player Soccer Story

There are countless moments in this season, I felt as if everything went south for me. As a player, I was not progressing, and during matches, we would lose by large margins. During a particular game, after losing by 3 goals in the first half, I felt extremely overwhelmed and exhausted. Our team played without the coach and some of our teammates couldn’t come.
Going into the second half, I felt strangely motivated and determined. Regardless of how ugly the scoreboard looked, I was reminded that I am here playing soccer because I love the game. Throughout this match, my teammates made a lot of sacrifices. Everyone was putting their body on the line and nobody backed down. We played against the most fouling kids and non of us gave up. I felt really fortunate that I get to play with such an awesome group of guys, and therefore I worked even harder and pushed through.
During a possession in the match, I was hopeful that my teammates could score if I pass the ball to him. I slid on the grass and tried to reach the ball and pass it to him. At this moment I collided with the goalkeeper on the other team, his cleats scraped my knee and it created big scars. Even though my knee was overflowing with gruesome blood, I didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, I felt grateful because I knew that I put in every effort.
At the end of the day, the passion for Soccer has forged me into a stronger person. It created great memories and it created the drive for me to pursue my ideals and fight against reality.