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Under 15 White Season in Review

On Sunday the 26th of September, the Canning City Whites won the grand final in the Under 15’s South Division 1/2 League, beating Forrestfield United 3-2. To get to this achievement, they had to go through many challenges along the way as they rose the ladder to come out on top. The whites team was graded as the division 2 team for Under 15’s South, but after a limiting amount of teams in both division 1 and 2, the two were merged into one large league. 4 games into the season, 4 players were swapped from each team to help balance out the two into even squads. The four who swapped into the Whites team were Darren Yiu, Pashhur Makhooli, Ethan Paget and Rafael Effendi, with the remaining players from the original team being Abdul Rahim Khan, Ahmed Khan, Ariff Mazlee, Jai Chong, James Tibbett, Kian Rooney, Lachlan Swanson, Lowan Toalisa, Norazmie Normanshor, Samuel Roache and Zachary Kovacs-Moreton, to make up the squad. This team grew exponentially throughout the season, progressing from bottom of the ladder to league champions.
The first game this newly formed team played was against Forrestfield United, their later to be, grand opponents, losing 1-6. They then won against Rockingham City Green and MUM FC before losing to Sutherlands Park. They then beat Mandurah City, Rockingham City Yellow twice Perth Hills United, Curtin University, and MUM FC again, losing to Fremantle City and Gosnells City (through hail), the team finishing top of the ladder before finals. The first time the two Canning City teams (Blue and White) went up against each other was before the swap of 8 players, with Canning City Blue coming out on top 6-0. After the swap and many weeks of practice, the Canning Whites bested the Blue team 3-2 in the next derby, a big show of development for the team. The team then also came up against Forrestfield United once again in their last 3 games, drawing 2-2. The Canning City Whites then got one last extra catch-up game with Sutherlands winning , and finishing third on the ladder. A third the way through the season Norazmie Normanshor, the goal-keeper for the team, broke his ankle and was unable to play for the rest of the season.
Finishing 4th before the late catch-up game, the Canning City Whites were up against Gosnells City for the semi-finals. The team played extremely well and dominated the game winning 2-0 and getting into the grand-final. Forrestfield United had Beaten Canning City Blues 3-2 and had gained their spot into the grand final. After some games before the final were delayed approximately an hour due to dangerous weather, the game was finally able to start. Canning took an early lead with Lowan scoring the first goal, with Forrestfield returning an equalizer before half-time. Into the beginning of the second half Forrestfield scored another goal, pushing themselves into the lead. Canning then really put on the pressure with another equalizer scored by Ethan and an own goal scored from a cross by Darren. Canning then kept up the energy into the last 10 minutes and ended the game winning 3-2 and becoming the champions of the 2021 Junior Top 4 Cup.